In our modern day, improper systems networking can ultimately leave you in the dark, causing you to spend more time troubleshooting instead of increasing productivity. Consistent signal quality is necessary for most homes and businesses to function normally.

Our knowledgeable team of specialists provide commercial and residential networking to keep you and/or your business on the forefront of functionality. Our dependable experts deliver amazing customer care and help to guide you through available options for your home and/or your business.

Our commercial and residential networking services include:

  • Cat5 & VI
  • RG6
  • Audio
  • Doorbell
  • Network Speed
  • Configuration ability
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consistent signal quality
  • Custom lighting
  • And more

We at Reign Home Innovations guarantee seamless system networking and professional installation that is customized to suit you and/or your business’ requirements. Proudly serving the residents of Texas, within a 100 mile radius from Houston, call 832-865-5488 and let us get you and/or your company up to speed.

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